A downloadable game for Windows

Fight aliens in a randomly generated arena with your only weapon, your life. If you miss you die. If you fall you die. Don't die!


W & A to Move

Space to Jump

Left-mouse click to Shoot


If you shoot and don't hit an alien, you die. If you hit the alien, it dies. If you touch the side of a platform you can do a midair jump.

Rate the game here: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2019/rate/463409

Made for GMTK gamejam by Ectho & Spitzy


Bullet Life.zip 21 MB


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Good work, team! Sorry I couldn't help on the game with you all - glad you still made something awesome! :D

Thanks! Can't wait to work with you in the next jam

Yeah, it'll be great to work with you!