There once was a knight that took a vacation; when he returned, his kingdom was overrun by monsters. Defeat wave after wave of minions, and fight incredibly evil bosses, in non-stop battle. 

Become the greatest warrior by surviving hoards of monsters that are always getting stronger.
Have fun and Don't die!

Computer controls:

'A' or Left arrow = to move left

'D' or Right arrow = to move right

Space bar or' J' = Jump

Left mouse button or 'K' = attack

Esc = pause

Install instructions

For Android:

Go to download files on your android device. Find 'Knightster.apk', tap it, and then choose install. If you have an older version already installed, you may need to delete the older version to install the new one.

For Windows:

Go to download folder and find "Knightster Installer.exe", click on it, and follow the steps. 

Windows Note: You may have to allow access to install, since I have not digitally-signed the Knightster executable.  


Knightster Installer.exe 21 MB

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